Dont’s of Exhibition Stand Design

When it comes to designing and exhibition stand there are so many things you need to remember to do and not to do. In most instances you will find that you can make the smallest mistake, in turn this results to you finding that you don’t get the attention your stand deserves, you don’t generate enough interest and your revenue doesn’t increase enough.

Firstly look at what you should be doing when it comes to exhibition stand design, from here you can see what you should be doing and then focus on what you should never do, helping you avoid it at all costs.

When it comes to exhibition stand design you need to bear in mind that you want to stand out above the crowd and you want to be the stand everyone wants to visit, pushing your competitors to the back. This means your stand needs to be innovative. Unlike a boring box stand with a table and chair and a few pamphlets, your designer should work with you to think outside the box and come up with an innovative and creative design that really stands out and makes a statement.

The design you chooses should always be effective. Look at the types of events you attend and then work on an exhibition stand design that ticks all the boxes whether you are taking place in a prestigious international exhibition or you are visiting a local trade show.

Choose a modern design, something that will appeal to your entire audience. Remember the benefit of taking part in an exhibition in the first place is you reach your audience that you don’t normally reach, which means you want to make an impact, you want your stand to be more impressive than the rest and you want it to make a statement. Overall, you want potential clients to flock to your stand, bypassing your competitors who are also taking part in the event.

Another thing you want to ensure when it comes to exhibition stand design is that your stand is eye catching. There is nothing worse than a boring stand that is the same as all the others. The exhibition marketing industry has become exceptionally competitive and if you arrive an at exhibition with a couple of banners, a table and a few chairs, then you are going to suffer. You need that innovative and creative stand that is eye catching and stands out in order to attract customers throughout the event.

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