Update Your Wardrobe With Jewelry

A great way to update your wardrobe without depleting your budget is with accessories,” said Sara Rogers, trend specialist for Mall of America. “For women this includes belts, handbags, hoop earrings, leggings, big sunglasses, and chunky jewelry in gold pewter or copper.”

Fall Fashion also offers an entirely new color palette not seen for several seasons. In addition to black, fall color schemes feature a combination of darks and neutrals, such as camel, taupe, black, chocolate brown and smoky grey accented with bright jewel like gold, teal, purple and red.

With that in mind, dare to be bold this fall with vibrant jewelry. The Candy Couture line by La Bijou Belle Jewelry comes in succulent colors and bon-bon like shapes that look good enough to eat-but we wouldn’t recommend it (choking on a rhinestone, not a pretty picture). The hip and unique jewelry is already a hit with fashionistas, stylists, TV hosts, and celebrities. Fabricated out of vintage Lucite and semi-precious stones, get your candy at hot LA boutiques including Belle Gray and Miriam Claudette Jewelry in Sunset Plaza.

Staying true to the seriously feminine look, designers are looking to some of the most romantic time periods for inspiration. Jewelry is no exception. Mixing vintage and contemporary beads Leanna Lin, a Los Angeles based jewelry designer, produces limited one-of-a-kind pieces that have a sweet, yet quirky and retro, vibe.

Heavy Metal

It’s no surprise that metallics are in this fall but gold and copper aren’t the only metals making waves. Steel and titanium are hitting the shelves-and just as fast finding their way onto well-manicured fingers and delicate wrists around the world. I bet you never thought you’d wear jewelry made out of the same stuff used to make flagpoles É you know the one you stuck your tongue to in second grade?

“The alternative metal such as steel and titanium as well as colors such as five-stone jewelry are popular now,” said Udi Behr, a designer of the popular Love and Pride jewelry and Time for Peace watches. “But I advise my customers not to follow the trend that the industry makes, but to wear jewelry that expresses who you are.”

It’s always fun to watch the runway trends and emulate fashion models to some degree; your personal style signature should always have a unique element. As Coco Chanel once said, “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”

Now you’re all dressed up and accessorized, or so you think. Watches not only tell you when you need to be at your next appointment, party or date, they tell the world that you’re on top of things-no flying by the seat of your embellished jeans for you. For watches, styles run the gamut. Depending on your wrist size and personal style preferences, feel free to wear what feels and looks good. All metals are popular, from gold to titanium, so there is no need to feel restricted. Slim bands, chunky bands, even leather, the choice is yours. You can even make a political statement with your timepiece. The Time for Peace watch is a bold Swiss-action, mineral crystal watch sporting a bright orange peace sign on the face with a matching orange leather strap.

Making it personal

Whatever your look–conservative, funky or oozing with sexuality–jewelry lets you personalize your wardrobe. Add a unique piece to any outfit and it becomes a signiture look. With a wide range of colors, styles, sizes and materials, there are limitless options for creating a style that is 100 percent you, and only you.

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