Common Sense Ideas To Begin To Unify US

After the past four years, where this nation, appeared to be, as polarized, and divided, as any time, in recent memory, we must demand, the newly – elected President, and this Congress, begin to put the best interests of all Americans, first, way – ahead of any partisan politics, personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self- interest. Now, perhaps, more than ever, there must be an emphasis, on bringing us, together, for the greater good, and prioritizing, a meeting – of – the – minds, for the common good! Instead of continuing, this dangerous approach, of using polarizing, vitriol, and rhetoric, lying/ distorting, and making empty promises, we need to use, five, common sense, consensus – seeking, ideas/ priorities, which emphasize, beginning to unify us! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, these ideas, and approaches.

1. Public health: Since, the population of the United States, represents approximately. 4.5% of the world, if, our leaders, had, simply, done a reasonably – good, job, of addressing it, we should have had, about, that amount/ percentage of the cases, and deaths, the world has suffered. However, since, our actual number of cases, is about 20%, and deaths, about 18%, we, clearly, performed poorly, in our nation’s handling of this horrific pandemic! From the onset, President Trump, first, ignored, then, denied, and, then, minimized the potential danger/ ramifications, and common sense, public health measures. We must return to letting the experts, dictate and determine, public health policy, instead of a politician, who considers himself, a stable genius! We must, now, demand, as restoration, of the values, prioritizing public – safety, and be prepared, in a smarter way! President Biden appears, to realize this, based on the qualifications, and backgrounds, of his stated appointments. We must demand, this emphasis, becomes normal, and, perhaps, codified, in some manner!

2. Bread – basket issues: Jobs, job security and quality, cost – of – living, appropriate, fair wages, and pursing relevant, sustainable plans, which serve the common – good, instead of, merely, the upper – 1%, must be a significant focus! Doing so, might go, a long – way, towards, making America Sane Again!

3. Affordable, quality health care: This pandemic should have demonstrated, our health care system, needs to be considered, a right, instead of, merely, an available privilege! Since, so many, lost their jobs, either, for a short, or longer – period, and so many, get their health insurance, from their employment, there were many, who, in addition to the fear, most had, also, worried about, what would happen to them, financially, if they needed, coverage. Instead of, pursuing, a potentially, polarizing, Medicare – for – All, approach, we need to come together, to consider, the best way, to bring forward, a way, to address this need, without, making it, more political, than necessary!

4. Address infrastructure: On several occasions, President Trump, stated, he supported, addressing our aging infrastructure, but, when, action was needed, he begin a part – of – the – problem, instead of the solution. Fixing/ addressing this, would have multiple benefits, including: addressing relevant, sustainable needs; creating a large supply of quality jobs; investing in our nature’s future, intelligently, and, in a focused way, etc!

5. Job retraining/ creation: Since, our world, is, constantly, consistently, evolving, we need to begin, considering, and creating employment/ jobs, which, also, evolve! Our government should coordinate, a meaningful, relevant, effective, well – considered, job retraining program, in order to make this nation’s place, in the world, as a meaningful leader, secured!

Will we, finally, use some common sense, in terms of, how our newly – elected, government, proceeds, and focuses, or, will we continue, with the same – old, same – old, vision – less leadership, focus, and direction? Wake up, America, and demand better, and more focused, effective leadership!

Richard has owned businesses, been a COO, CEO, Director of Development, consultant, professionally run events, consulted to thousands, conducted personal development seminars, and worked on political campaigns, for 4 decades.

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