bloggers or you will fizzle out

Starting a blog requires twenty to fifty times more energy versus the energy it takes to maintain a blog. Once you take your blog to a self sustaining level, you can hire help and move on to build another one. In order to get there, its crucial to keep the search engine bots busy crawling your website. They will spider your homepage 80-90% of the time. MSN has one of the fastest bots. Rewrite your home page every day for the first month or so until you start achieving rankings. Keep the focus of the home page the same. Just keep tweaking the content.

Take advantage of spurt working. When you start your first web blog project, focus on discovering and applying one concept at a time. Don’t sit there and read through page after page of blog tutorials. Learn one thing at a time and immediately apply it. I know we are trained to fill our heads with knowledge in school. However, that mentality is kryptonite to launching any successful web blog.

Focus on starting one blog at a time. It takes a lot of concentrated effort to ignite the sparks of your first blog. If you try to start more than one at a time, you probably will burn out. Only move onto the next blog once you start applying your exit plan on the first blog.

Keep your blog posts short and compact. The perfect word count for a blog post is 300 words. Try following the format (beginning, middle, end). Each paragraph shouldn’t be more than 100 words. Focus on creating high impact quality posts versus long drawn out wordy posts.

The biggest favor you can give yourself is find a blogging buddy. You can help each other with many things especially the best practices on blogging. The blog-o-sphere is changing so fast, its tough for tutorials and courses to keep up. The fastest way to learn is from mastermind groups. Also, blogging as a lone wolf can really be draining to an extrovert. I even find motivation by answering to subordinates. Its great to have people count on you. I had a writer working on an e-book and I needed to send over an outline. So I stayed up late just to finish it. I don’t know if I would have pushed myself without another person. You need to stay fired up. Hot coals in a fire keep each other lit. Don’t isolate yourself from other bloggers or you will fizzle out.

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