Three of the Best Nightlife Neighborhoods in Spain

As is so often the case, the nightlife in many Spanish destinations congregates around a certain area or neighborhood. Visitors and locals flock to these places, invariably finding something to suit their tastes, whatever that may mean. And, since Spain is notorious for its love of the fiesta, this pretty much occurs every day of the week.

Here, then, are three of the best party neighborhoods in Spain…

Placa dels Angels, Barcelona

The nightlife in Barcelona follows a time-honored routine. You start at 9pm with dinner in one of the Barcelona apartments available for rent, or in a restaurant near to your accommodation; then you meet friends for some drinks at around 11pm, before heading for a club come 1 or 2am. Returning home only occurs when you can no longer stand.

Barcelona is full of areas that offer great nightlife, with the Barri Gotic a familiar haunt. For something a little more ‘alternative’, the area around the MACBA museum, starting with the Placa dels Angels, is full of young and trendy students chilling in perfectly hip bars.

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